Presentation of Silver Panic among other things I’d like you to know

A bit about the name

So you are wondering where’s the silver panic ? Allow me to explain. Trying to find a suitable name for anything  is not such an easy task as it may seem. Having had three children I can recall going through long lists of names and  even borrowing library books before they came into the world, so as to research their deeper meaning. It’s not quite the same with websites. With children you can use a name that already exists but with websites you can use only once, perhaps with a small variation and they need to have relevance. The good ones were all taken years ago and you are pushed further into the realm of the nominally absurd or perhaps  applying a pointless stream of number, like 678 after the name. I don’t like that. It would be something akin to naming my son Tom 678.  So the grey matter is forced into working sideways to try and find something original and unused. Fusion could be the answer. I am Paul my wife is Nicole. I work with silver. The first two letters of my name Pa and the first three of Nicole and that makes “panic”.  The word  “Panic” is not a description that suits our personalities in any way, but its a good word nevertheless that can create a sense of excitement. I asked my wife if it’s ok  to use it and she shrugged. She’s not involved in this project at all. She knows about jewellery and gemstones and really is good at identifying them but asking one question as to the nature of the stone is as far as she will go. So I know that I must take in the answer she gives otherwise its gone for good.  So there you havethe origin of silverpanic. co .uk. Believe it or not, the creation of Silver Panic did not stop there. Naturally, I had to google this name to find out if it  was associated with something awful and unsuitable and consequently not a name I could use for my website. The search engine discovered this very interesting event described below. Being a man with a strong sense of the past and its impact on the present, discovering  the significance of this event in the history of silver strengthened my resolve to use it.

A bit about me

My life has turned full circle. I started out in the metals business and then I went into books and now i have returned to working hands on with metals, and in particular silver . So although I am not trying to encourage panic buying of silver I obviously do have an interest in promoting its use, and of course, encouraging a sense of exitement and pleasure in those buying the hand made silver jewellery that I make.

A bit of history

The Silver Panic was an historic event in the US which began in 1893 and ended in 1897 it was caused by the crash of wheat prices in Argentina. On February 20th 1893 the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad went into receivership and the US congress under President Grover Cleveland repealed the Sherman Silver Purchase Act. Basically it was a problem of oversupply and devaluation of silver that caused serious international economic problems.

Some thoughts on silversmithing

As a craftsman that works with silver on a daily basis by way of filing, sawing, soldering and hammering I can tell you about its properties. My favourite moment is when it becomes ready to pour in its liquid state and the colourful dance it makes in the crucible that tells you when it is ready to change itself into another entity. Its crystal structure becomes transformed with heat and you can bend and shape it to whatever your imagination creates. My least favorite moment is when the silver is overheated by the torch and the copper in the .925 alloy comes to the fore as firescale. It’s very difficult to remove.

There is no doubt that silver is a wonderful metal that the Earth has gifted us. It has played a big part not only in jewellery making but also in the development of science and technology.



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