Bruges Tzandfest August 5th 2018

A few photos of the Bruges Tzandfest


Here are some photos of our stand at the Bruges Tzandfest 2018. Please click on them for extended view.

Our day

The Tzandfest takes place in Bruges 3 times a year. We travelled all the way from London to take part. Its is a huge market with an international atmosphere with sellers and visitors from all over Europe. This year it was very hot, so for us it was a long day in the blistering heat. Our jewellery put on display was hot, literally, and almost impossible to pick up, so we have to apologise to our customers who tried on our handmade rings.

Visiting the beautiful city of Bruges is one of the pleasures of life but it’s quite an adventure for us taking part in the festival.  Fortunately we have taken part in previous markets some years ago, so we knew more or less what to expect. However it is not as easy as it may seem as there are language barriers to overcome. There are rules and regulations that have to be observed. Even finding the precise location of our pitch amongst so many hundreds of sellers, that stretched from the Tzand Square up through the King Albert Park to the Bruges Central Station was very difficult. We set up shop at 5.30 am and closed at 6 p.m. It was a day to remember, meeting fellow traders who offered us their help and advice. The public started to arrive in droves around 8 a.m and the conversation flowed with the visitors to our stand and with our customers. It was the pleasure that we took from the friendly exchanges that made the day such a great experience.

Many of our customers and visitors were quite surprised and amazed that we actually make the jewellery that we sell. I have to say we do take some pride in the fact that we make our jewellery from scratch only from .925 silver grain. I have been through the ropes as a silversmithing and jewellery student at various colleges over the years and learned how to fabricate and cast precious metals.  I try to explain to our customers that we are selling a range of handmade jewellery that is completely unique and designed by ourselves and also made to last. Many items that you see on sale will not be available elsewhere. The description on our homepage is entirely accurate. What we offer is both quality and originality. It’s not easy to describe this to all our customers at Tzand so I am putting it down here in my blog.

Most of the jewellery we produce is sent to the Goldsmiths Company in London for assaying and hallmarking with my own unique hallmark that identifies me as the maker. So it makes it easier for us to trade and speak to our visitors knowing that we have that backup and that you can buy from silverpanic with confidence.

We shall be back at the next Tzand market on the 23rd September 2018 in the same place with some new and exiting jewellery. We hope to see you then.