A Flower in Hand – jatoba and silver pendant

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A unique pendant made from Jatoba hard wood and silver. The silver bale for the chain is concealed behind the wood. The flower is on offer from a hand. It could be a peace offering after an argument or simply a gesture from an admirer. Indeed there is no substitute for nature’s beauty and the real flower in the real hand should always be the preferred option in most circumstances. However you may find yourself in a situation in life where the hand cannot reach. The real flower, having a transient existence on this earth, does not express the permanence of the emotion that you want to convey.

The wood expresses the honesty and solidity of the gesture and there can be no ambiguity of the intention, as the flower comes directly from the offering silver hand. Whilst the real flower will eventually succumb to the passing of time this solid piece will be there as proof of your everlasting sincerity.

If this is the case, this pendant should be the gift of your choice as it is made to last. Both the flower and the bale are secured to the wood by a solid silver rivet.

It is simply unique.