Silver Hedgehog Pendant or Earring

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Henrietta Hedgehog Silver Pendant or Earring

Beautiful little Sterling Silver hedgeghog wieighing 2.38 gms  and measuring 2cm.

I live in London and I believe Londoners value their wildlife. We do have quite a few beautiful creatures in our back gardens and parks despite some of them having a struggle  against the odds to survive. One of these beautiful creatures, the hedgehog  is becoming very scarce. About ten years ago, I put out my rubbish for the next mornings weekly bin collection. Taking the black plastic bag to collection point at the front of my house, I noticed some movement in the bag. Mystified I put the bag down on the floor and looked again. The bag was definitely moving, with bumps appearing and disappearing on one side and then the other. I could hear a grunting noise comingfrom inside. What could it be? I took a scissors and cut the tie of the bag open and I jumped back as a pointed snout popped out of the opening I had made. I opened the bag and there was a fully grown hedgehog. I looked at it closely to see that it was not injured and found a pair of gardening gloves and lifted it out and returned it to the garden. What a lovely creature with a finely chiseled face! To handle its spines, even with thick gloves and see it so close up was quite special.

Hegedogs were a then perhaps not a common sight in our garden but you did occaisonally see them scurrying about and it was a pleasure to see one. A lot of the time, sadly, you would  see them lying in the road as victims of speeding cars. Now I have not seen one in my garden for years and neither have I seen any as road traffic cassualties. What has happened to them and why have they disappeared. Surely they have not all been killed by cars? Tell me in the comments below if you know anything about that.

I miss the hedgehogs and hope one day they will return to my part of London.

I have made the perfect tiny silver hedgehog to wear as a pendant or a pair of earrings as a reminder to Londoners as to what they are missing.






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