Old Footballer Ring – sample for customised model.


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Two sample rings which can be customised into the lasting colours of your choice

Being a lifelong supporter of team that wears old gold and black, I won’t say the name because nobody likes us. Just a little joke ! but when we sing “Is this a fire drill” when the opposing teams supporters slink away five minutes from time, in a bad mood, they most certainly do not see the funny side of it. I had to add this to my creations. This one is not for sale, it’s mine to wear. I put it here as a sample. It is in style of the 1950’s kit but then most clubs had a golden era in the 1950’s even if they never won anything. A lot of football supporters were not around when this kit of long baggy shorts was worn. In fact many fashions in kit have come and gone but I think this is classic. Its shirt may seems a little bright but that is because of the reflection. It really is a shade darker bringing it as near to the old gold that I could get. If you should want to buy one please take a look at the football ring I have for sale in my shop and just send me the colours you want and I will try to get as near the colour as I can and add the enamel to the ring. The colour is baked on in a kiln, permanent and hard wearing. I made this one over two years ago and the colour is still as good as new. It is solid 925 hallmarked silver. The style can be of your choice round like this pictured here, oval or square.

The player will remain the same. A permanent squad member in your club since 1954. That must be a world record !

Please email me with the UK ring size, shape and team colour you require and I will get back to you.