Mother and Baby Deer Pendant/ Earrings


Mother and Baby Deer sterling Silver pendant /Earrings

1.5 cm H x 1.5 cm w 1.75 gms

This has to be my smallest creation, yet it is amongst my favorites. The reason why, is simply the symbolism. The doe is depicted with what is her whole world, her fawn. It’s a simple message of unspoken love, care, trust and pride.

Language has separated us from animals  and perhaps inhibits our instincts and feelings. We tend to regard language as a gift and no doubt it is, but every gift carries a price. The price of the separation is that we will never know the intensity of the bond that exists between the mother and the baby deer or come to that any animal. For example, could you imagine for a moment, yourself as a kitten huddled in a litter amongst your brothers and sisters, being licked clean by your mothers tongue. The animal has no words to express its love, nothing comes between its gestures  and its pride.  Words are not present as a barrier to its feelings. The message of the mother deer and its offspring is simply that.

Yesterday the WWF issued a statement that due to the explosion of humanity and lack of space, wildlife is disappearing at a rate never previously seen in the history of life on this Earth. A tragedy is unfolding before our eyes.

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Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 cm