Amethyst Ring

£40.0 £30.0

Square Amethyst ring with twin shank 925 sterling silver Handmade UK size N

It is a beautiful handmade ring with a double shank weighing 4.06 gms with a square amethyst stone.

This ring has an amazing history. I had worked for days in its making and in the final stage of polishing, it dropped from my fingers. I tried to catch it with my other hand and felt it clip the tip of my little finger and heard a small tinkle as it bounced.  I thought it was an easy job to find and looked on my hands and knees around the spot I thought it had fell. It was not that small an object,  I have dropped tiny things and found them.  A few hours of searching proved otherwise. The mystery deepened. I brought in my two sons, with eyes much sharper than mine to help in the search. Despite their much valued help, we could not find it having looked in every corner for hours. It causes some anguish if you spend days working on something then at the last moment it disappears. Every day  for a month on, entering my workshop I tidied up in different places, in the hope of coming accross it.

After six weeks had passed it was almost forgotten. Yes, you must forget about such mishaps otherwise it can be very disheartening! This morning something made me put my hand inside an old jacket pocket that I keep hanging on a hook for when it gets cold. I felt something inside my hand and smiled. I immediately knew what it was without looking further. I had looked there before and patted both pockets carefully, as I know the first rule of lost objects : It can bounce anywhere. But to end up inside a closed pocket that has no space for it to go in? It did not seem possible. Before you say, ” The old fool must have put it there himself “. Well you have to take my word that I didn’t . It can be described as an amazing amethyst in its true sense. The paranormal has no place in my workshop amongst the down to earth tool environment that is part of me although  I will always wonder how it got there. Look in my shop to purchase this ring at £40 there is only one UK Size N available.

Please note. This ring was made before our policy update in line with our sustainiblity policy published on October 1st 2018 to the weight in silver of the item so we are only able to include the stone in the given weight of 4.06 gms.

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