Me in my workshop
Myself in my workshop

Jewellery  and silversmithing has been a hobby of mine for a very long time . I have learnt it mostly by taking  courses at colleges of further education and  by practice in my workshop  .   When local government cuts  forced retirement from my full time job in libraries after  almost 30 years  I developed my workshop . I  make all the jewellery that is on display in the store, entirely by myself  by hand crafting from using sterling  silver grains which is about the most basic form of workable  sterling silver . I  enjoy designing and creating  something from basic raw materials . I make everything by hand using traditional  silversmithing and jewellery fabrication  and also centrifugal lost wax casting . I do not use silver clay .

I  have taken appropriate training for all aspects of this craft and attended  many courses  over the years with the aim  of achieving a high level of creativity, innovation  and attention to detail

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