For those of you who do not scroll down and read my blog I will repeat  that I sell at Brugges market because I enjoy it ! its a unique experience . I make and sell affordable  hand made  jewellery not for the rich but for all people . It’s an international event not in a specific sense  because its just a market organised three times a year, by the Town of  Brugges there are so many visitors from all over Europe that it does make it quite an experience.   I will publish some pictures of us at the market, on the day .



 Hot off the press !New designs

The ring pictured on my Blog  and other silver symbolic Euro Jewellery  including pendants , pins and bangles  will be for sale at Stand 119  Tzand Brugges Belgium  only on Sunday July 7th please contact me for further details. There will be a special 10% discount for followers of my blog.  Go to my blog and scroll down and look for details of how to obtain your 10% discount.



Silverpanic  will be at stand 119 Tzand market Brugges on Sunday July 7th . We will have on display our hand made  silver Euro jewellery which commemorates Brexit which will only be for sale at our stall on that day .  It will not be for sale at any other place,  either online or in shops .  Come and pay us a visit at the best market in Europe ! 





Silver Panic is a handmade jewellery website based in London UK.

Jewellery worn through the generations has a story to be told . Being fond of history and genealogy, I know how important it is to feel the connection of time, history and symbolism, especially with jewellery that we wear and display to others. That is why I write about each of my creations. I craft some of my jewels derived from original vintage designs, mainly from the 50’s and the 60’s. However I customize most of my castings, I’m pretty sure I can say that each piece is unique. I also hand fabricate pieces to my own design.

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