Silver Panic is a handmade jewellery website I started in 2018. I am based in London UK where I have my workshop.

I strongly believe that behind each jewel there is a story to be told through the generations. Being fond of history and genealogy, I know how important it is to feel the connection of time, history and symbolism, especially with jewellery that you wear and display to others. That is why I write about each of my creations. I craft some of my jewels derived from original vintage designs, mainly from the 50’s and the 60’s. However I customize most of my castings, I’m pretty sure I can say that each piece is unique. I also hand fabricate pieces to my own design.

You can easily differentiate between what is hand fabricated as those that are cast are 3D and are almost impossible to make by hand fabrication. The two track runners silver pendant pictured in my shop  are 3D designs and measure only 8mm high but are beautifully defined .  They are made by the  traditional lost wax casting process .

This is a new site and we have just started to upload the range of our handmade  jewellery that is now for sale in our shop.  Please visit us again here at silverpanic.co.uk in the coming weeks to view more of our creations.

If you wish to contact us please go to the contact page.

Before you start your little tour of our site  I would recommend you start with our blog and then go to our ethics page  which gives you an insight into what we are. I hope that you find us honest and unpretentious in presenting this site and would very much welcome your constructive comments so that we can further try to improve our presentation.

As well as the jewellery that we make and display there are also issues that are mentioned in the blog and ethics pages that are there to be discussed, so please feel free to express your beliefs and ideas on sustainability etc. We hope that we  can generate some open and friendly debate.

Of course please keep within the boundaries of acceptable internet standards and reasonable comments so that we should not have to bring in a list of do’s and dont’s and end up having to edit posts.

Thank you